Vitality Tonic Men & Women

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Women's Vitality Herbal Tonic

This miracle tonic, is used to boost  hormone balance, libido, hair and skin , iron and overall mood accelerator. If you want to get sexy, look younger , feel happier and balance your hormones this product will work its magic!  It will also boost fertility and libido for men & women and can be used for helping with regulate period, lower  stress , insomnia and depression , high blood Pressure and onset diabetes. Very high in Iron & Potassium 

How to Use: Just take 1 table spoon  with  water or add to smoothie  twice a day or as needed.   *Monthly Subscription Available 


 Small batch made with care from our community farm 

  • Natural Vitamin herbal tonic 
  • Hand Made Item
  • Materials: n/a
  • Contains  Raw Honey, Cayenne Pepper, Imported Organic  molasses , royal jelly , Ayurvedic Roots