A Brief Loc Lesson

A Brief Loc Lesson

November 11, 2016



Before people had combs there were locs. How many of you live under the belief that locs are indigenous to the African peoples. Well here's a brief history of loc culture .Locs are the total and complete rejection of societal norms. The norms that tell you you have to comb your hair the norms that tell you that you have to be boxed and xeroxed. The amazing thing about locs is that they have this capacity transcend rules and allow the wearer to be 100%.themselves.Rastafarians are generally associated with wearing locs for spiritual belief but the Ngapas Buddhists in Tibet,use locs as a substitute for traditionally shaving their heads.

Faux Locs are even becoming prevalent in mainstream fashion. Although he received backlash for his usage but Marc Jacobs used the wool locks to create a savagely raw  upscale look with his September 2016 Fashion Week Presentation. The art of the faux locs is obviously elevates above and beyond all racial and cultural standards.




Faux locs although trending quickly are not new. Musicians such as Boy George and George Clinton rocked these decades ago.

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