How To Care For Faux Loc Extensions


The key to attaching the locs is to join (braiding/wrapping) the loose end of the extension with the loose end of your hair, as far away from your scalp as possible, about 1 inch from the tip. To reinforce or strengthen your bond use our Invisible Thread TM , which is perfect for repairs too! Attaching your loc is simple enough to do on your own or with a loved one or favorite stylist. Your loc should come out like you've had them for years and just got them freshly twisted





Our unique temporary Installation will allow you to securely yet temporarily, fasten the dreadlock hair extension to the scalp. This allows the dreadlock hair system to be uninstalled, and reused, if desired.  Additionally, you  can choose a more permanent form for installation by not removing the loops allowing the natural hair to grow around the dreadlock hair extension, creating a permanent dreadlock style.   You can also , cut away the loop , comb out the locs at the tips and install as a permanent loc style.    Your full set will include:
Wooden crochet needle , Invisible thread , Oils , scalp cleaner Hair tea infuser set If you need help or If its a special occasion call us!!  Our LOC Squad™  is ready to serve you , for expert loc extension installment , Alopecia Loc Camouflage™ , natural hair styling or make-up application.  



So, you want to add more volume?  One trick to getting this look is to 1. Add length and  2. Double your locs with extensions around the crown of your hair. My hair is naturally fine, so when I wanted a fuller look I did this trick you can see from my photos that my hair looks really full even thought I only have about 50 locs growing from the root. I doubled about 30 of my locs to create this look. The first step is to order a full set of 100 (or the exact amount of locs you need), to add length to the bottom of your existing locs. Then order about 10 -15 additional LONGER locs that will be used to create the doubles (two headed dragons). Make sure the extra locs you order are long enough so it's all the same length. 
Then securely wrap/braid the loose part of our faux locs to the base of the locs you need to double. The result will be more luscious volume.COVERING ALOPECIA WITH LOC EXTENSIONSWe do great work for bald spots and alopecia especially because the locs are really light. If your bald spot is small area that needs to be covered this is a good solution for you.  Our stylists have a special camouflage technique that allow us to use the locs to create a little bridge with the extensions and fill in the spot so it goes unnoticed while your hair is growing safely underneath without pressure or weight on your sensitive area. The good thing is the permanent nature of the extensions will still allow you access to your scalp for treatment, oiling....  while  still styling swimming , washing etc.

If its a small spot you can install at home or our stylist can  do our technique and install the extensions for  you.For more advanced hair loss options call for more information


Your locs are presented to you clean without any products, glues or waxes. They are fully loc-ed & they will appear light and airy and have a puffy look for the first few weeks.  They may look a little fatter than pencil size this is normal.In the first week you will want to make them your own and infuse your loving energy into them.  On the first day, you want to start the maturing & tightening process with a good up- do & style, so they have time to fuse and tighten.

  • On the first day braid down the loc extension portion of your style or wrap them in coils with setting lotion. Any tight style will do to reduce the puffy look, thin out the locs & create the level of tightening that you wanto. This will also keep the locs neat give them time to fuse into your hair and reduce any chance of them slipping out. you can also use the invisible thread and crochet needles in your set to reinforce. 
  • If you like a neat even loc, then twist and palm roll your new loc extensions often
  • If you like a thicker airy loc, then you can go with a free form maintenance, only twisting your locs once every few months and just maintaining them with washing and light palm rolling over time.
  • Palm - roll and play with your locs often as you get to know each one and get used to your new look.

Depending on how thin you want them you can palm roll them to be neater before you put them in, by spraying them lightly or wetting your hands.After installing you can braid or palm roll to tighten and fuse your Locs. Keep them in an Up-do for a few days.Mix oil with Hair Tea in a spray bottle before braiding into a tight styleOver the first 2 weeks moisturize by mixing oil and hair Tea in a spray bottle, use this to set your hair in flexi-rods, rolls, buns or braids to tighten and groom to your desired look!

3. DO'S & DON'TS 

  • Do Not WASH or immerse your hair in water for at lease 4-6 weeks
  • Keep your locs moist and oiled
  • Palm Roll often to give them the shape you want
  • Look in your kitchen cabinet! Stay away from any products that have chemicals, fall in love by making your own oils from the heart.



As a gift for your journey our expert KHinky Locticians have passed on our blend of hair strengthening herbs & flowers used for generations. Delight your senses and hair with a cool leave- in conditioner rinse before oiling.
  • After installing Simply boil, strain with cheese cloth, cool in a bowl, pour over your locs. Pat dry , oil your locs from root to tip. Palm roll and style.
  • Use whenever you need ,to freshen your locs before oiling keep and them moisturized in the first few weeks.


At KHinky we believe that the best Loc Care is the kind you can make from your own kitchen.  To get started  we provide our blend of organic Loc Oil infused with softening oils like cold pressed organic coconut. We also add follicle healing essential oils to nurture your scalp and sprouting locs.
For the loc extensions to be softened we found that our %100 Pure Shea Butter Imported from Ghana work excellent on the loc extensions to make them soft. 
How To Use:
Melt a quarter size amount in your palms to heat and melt the butter and rub through out the faux loc extensions to make them soft to the touch. We found that it really makes the loc extensions  soft without creating any build up. Since shea butter melts at body temperature and absorbs rapidly into the skin and the hair shaft its an excellent softener and moisturizer. Although I use it primarily to seal my ends after twisting or braiding, sometimes alone, sometimes in conjunction with coconut or Avocado oil, it can be used along the entire strand of hair and faux loc extension. 


In the first few weeks you want to avoid washing your hair , so your loc extensions have time to fuse.  We provide our soothing Aloe Witch Hazel blend infused with Jasmine flowers and Lavender. This will relieve itching or flaking and stimulate your follicles.
  • Spray Witch Hazel on your scalp and rub vigorously with cotton pads


When its time to wash your locs , we recommend simple cleansers such as cleansing conditioners or castile soaps.  if your locs are long , wash your hair in the sink to 



We love to massage Henna Cream into the locs, to change tone or darken your locs. If your locs were made Blonde or White Grey you can even use vivid semi-permanent colors. TIP: MAKE YOU YOU HAVE WAITED THE REQUIRED 4-6 WEEK PERIOD BEFORE WASHING OR EMERSING YOUR LOCS IN WATER. ALWAYS DYE ONE OR 2 LOCS FIRST TO MAKE SURE YOU LIKE HOW IT COMES OUT! THE LOCS ARE DELICATE , be very careful! The locs can be bleached & dyed but please pay attention to using harsh chemicals as you want them to last for years.  Color #1 is NOT recommended if you know you want to use color on your locs in the future. #1b and higher are the best color choices for those of you who want to experiment with color.
  • If you want it done before hand, we will custom dye your Colors and do Ombre on your locs for no additional charge. Just add a note , email us or send a photo with your order and our artist will do our best to make your locs look unique for free!!
  • BLEACHING- If you plan on dipping the locs at the tips with a little blonde, use a good bleach to lift the color and then tone with a gentle semi -perm color like, gold, brown or red. Make sure you to wait until your recommended
  • PEROXIDE & Lemon Juice - In the summer months you can mist your locs with a little peroxide to gently lighten your hair with sun light or a blow dryer for a sun kissed look. Make sure wash the peroxide out at the end of the day to prevent damage.