Mushroom Coffee

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Mushrooms + Roots + Barks Vitality Coffee Alternative

This is a Sweet Coffee Alternative Blend  of beautiful Adaptogenic Mushrooms , roots  & raw unprocessed molasses. The great taste is more like a pot of coffee than a hot chocolate flavor found in typical mushroom coffee blends. 

Promoting vitality and stress balance.  These ingredients  have traditionally been used for  centuries to manage stress, boost energy , hormone balance, libido, hair and skin.  Our dry blend is naturally very high in  Magnesium,  B12 , Iron & Potassium. Naturally helping the body to process sugar & salt safely.  Traditionally , the minerals found naturally  in Reishi Mushroom , Rodiola  &  adaptogenic  plants have been known to support a healthy, brain, thyroid, nervous system.  These very same nutrients boost fertility and libido for men & women and can be used for helping with regulate period, lower  stress , insomnia and depression , high blood pressure and balance blood sugar levels. As an added benefit hair growth/ retention improve also! 

This can act as an overall mood accelerator whenever you need a boost of energy while, supporting restful sleep at night. If you want to feel sexy, look younger , feel happier and balance your hormones this product will work its magic!
How to Use: Take 1-2  table spoons of powder boil/steep for 15- 20  minutes in  6 - 8 oz of  water. Then  strain in a cloth strainer or muslin bag. Suggested Make a large pot to  keep refrigerated and enjoy as hot or iced. 

. *Monthly Subscription Available 

THE DETAILS: Small batch made with care from our community farm 
  • Natural Vitamin Coffee Alternative 
  • Small Batch Apothecary , Hand Made Item
  • Materials: n/a
  • Contains  Reishi  Mushroom , Rodiola , Roasted Chickory root , Roasted Dandelion , Adaptogenic Roots/herbs , Raw Honey, Cayenne Pepper Imported Organic molasses 
  • Indications: This Coffee Alternative is naturally high in Potassium, Iron , Magnesium B- vitamins and Trace Minerals 
This is not a Medicine.This preparation was handcrafted in small batches with harvested herbs  from local community supported farms in Upstate NY. Traditional herbal practices statements are for educational purposes only. This product cannot claim to cure any condition. Not Approved by FDA