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Are you ready to put your hands to the soil and return to the land?  

For 2024 we have curated a live  In- person experience with herbal medicinal practice & edible plant subjects, honoring their unique benefits to humanity.

In this class you will grow, tend and harvest dozens of medicinal herbs and foods. Exclusively on community supported agricultural farms , gardens and sanctuaries.

connect & work directly with over 25 edible and medicinal herbs. Learn Organic farming, harvesting, wildcrafting, drying and  storing 

Tea blending, herbal remedy preparations, labeling, guidelines for natural products. 

Our specific focus on indigenous practices originally designed to promote sustainability and conservation to inform the practice of each Participating herbalist. As a connected community we work closely with the diversity of native medicinal and edible plants grown locally while learning the history of the plants that were brought here by our ancestors. All of our course materials and supplements will be housed in this carefully design online course that will allow you to reference what you have learned and add your own personal gleanings and connections throughout the journey.

  • Program online course material  equivalent of 150 hours of self study in Foundations  of Herbal Medicine 
  • Course syllabus includes essential currated readings on  remedies and herbal preparations for your personal library.

2024 Calendar: 

Our  journey begins with the growing season Class  meets Monthly on the last Sunday of each month April through November. 

from 9:30 am to 5 pm.

All classes will be led and supervised by MOHF & host community Herbalists and Farmers with skill share activities on site

Lunch & seasonal refreshments provided (potluck gifts always encouraged)